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Hey there, friend! My name is Alisha Carlson. I am the face behind Find Your THRIVE, an online community for women. I am also a wife, mom, believer, and fitness enthusiast turned entrepreneur.  Find your THRIVE was born out of the idea that we were all created to thrive in life. All my life I had struggled with my weight and outward appearance. This lead to all sorts of disordered eating from overeating and emotional eating to not eating at all and purging. Never mind the many diets I had tried, and the failed attempts at sticking with a workout program long enough to see results.

As a result of all this yo-yo dieting and disordered eating, my self-esteem was shot. I kept trying to live up to an unrealistic standard of what it meant to be beautiful. It wasn’t until I was in my early twenties and about 6 months from walking down the aisle that I had decided once and for all that something had to change. I was tired of feeling trapped in my body. I was tired of looking at myself in the mirror and not absolutely loving who I saw.

I started running and was introduced to clean eating.  It was like suddenly it all clicked and the scale FINALLY started moving. Since then, my fitness journey has taken many different paths. I’ve competed in figure competitions, dabbled in powerlifting, as well as crossfit. In each of those areas, I was still obsessed with fitness, and truthfully, I think my motives were still not quite right. Now days you will find me getting about an hour tops of exercise in a day. My nutrition has become somewhat automatic, and I am no longer obsessed with counting calories, points, or macros. It has been finding this level of freedom and balance that has led me to do what I do now as a coach. I am in my best shape overall. I can keep up with my kids, I feel strong and confident. And now it has become my mission to pay it forward and help other women discover what it looks like to thrive in their own lives.

While I believe that every woman will THRIVE in their own way, I truly believe that what it takes to thrive is based on the same core components: exercise and moving your body, healthy nutrition, community, accountability, personal development, and self love.

To learn more about coaching with me, or my free online community fill out the contact form and just let me know what area of your life you’re ready to thrive in,  or click here to schedule a FREE consultation. 


xo, Alisha

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