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Hey sister!

I’m Alisha Carlson, a non-diet lifestyle coach for boss minded women who know they were created to make an impact. I’m a certified nutrition and functional fitness coach with over a decade of experience in the health and fitness space.

It is my mission to help you gain control and confidence around food + in your body. 

I help women just like you feel better in your body through nutrition, movement, and mindset work using a non-diet approach so you can run your business and your life with confidence + ease.

I believe you already know what you need, and you just need a little help owning it when it comes to nutrition, exercise, and your mindset.

After completing a BSc in Exercise Science with a heavy emphasis on nutrition and behavior change, I knew I wanted to help women just like you—learn how to live a healthy lifestyle, easily, simply, and sustainably.

I believe you were created for a special purpose, but you can’t reach your full potential if you’re struggling with food, exercise, and your self image.

For years I struggled with my weight and my body image. I used to walk around absolutely ashamed, guilty, and so empty. I tried every diet out there. I became a serial gym quitter. I felt utterly hopeless, broken, and alone.

After years of struggling with my diet, my body, and my mind I finally figured out a way to break free from the broken diet cycle. I ditched the obsession with the scale and gave up bingeing and restricting.

By implementing a few key strategies and learning some foundational skills I’ve been able to walk away from ‘dieting’ for good, have built a solid relationship with myself, and am more confident than ever.

This is exactly what I want to pass along to you. It is my desire to equip you with the tools you need and empower you to take the necessary action to help you live the ‘after’ life you’ve been waiting for.

Intuitive + mindful living for the mompreneur so she can run her business + life like a boss

Transform your mind + body through…


Move your body in a way that feels good and gets you the results you want… so that you can show up in your business and life with confidence… which means you’ll be able to make the impact you were created to make.


Eat in a way that blesses and honors your body without tracking, restricting, or dieting again… so that you will have more time and energy for the things that matter most…which means you will be living aligned with your bigger goals and vision for your life.


Intentionally manage your mindset to reframe limiting beliefs… so that you can make lasting change in your life + your body…which means you will be transformed from the inside out and free from the toxic thoughts keeping you from being the woman you were created to be.

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