It’s the start that stops most people

“Mastery is not an exalted state that lies at the end of the path; it is a state of mind that lies at the very beginning.” – Jeff Olson

This quote seemed quite fitting for a day like today. You see this marks the first of what will be many posts on this site, but this post almost never happened. While writing is something that has been in my heart for a long time, and has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember I nearly backed away from the opportunity to start my own blog. After all, what could I say that hasn’t already been said? And who would want to read my thoughts spilled out on screen anyway?

I always felt that writing was something I was good at, and in turn was something that I was praised for in school. I feel the need to share that because when I look back on my experience as a student there weren’t many things that I felt I was good at, but writing was different. So why was it so hard to take the plunge…to start a blog? I guess it was the fear of bearing bits of my soul for the world to critique and tear apart. Or maybe it was the insecurity that being so vulnerable can have on us..perhaps it was ultimately just my fear that it will start with a bang and then slowly and silently fizzle out.

I believe it is  the starting that stops most people from doing what they believe in or striving to reach for the things they really want in this life. Embarking on a new task or challenge is scary and exciting and can be completely liberating, but only if we don’t let the fear of starting stop us. What I have found is that sometimes we just have to start. Simply putting one foot in front of the other and starting down that unchartered path is the only way we can ever discover what we are truly made of and what it is we truly want in this life. So here’s to forging new paths, creating  new relationships, and sharing old ideas in a way that is new. Here’s to finding our thrive.believe-in-yourself

6 Replies to “It’s the start that stops most people”

  1. I understand completely where you are coming from. Writing is my passion and it is also my soul. Showing that to the world is scary and so worth it.


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