Quickie workout you can do anywhere

quickie-workoutHey! So I’ve got a fun little number you can put to the test if you are short on time or equipment, but are in need of getting your hear rate up and your blood pumping. I am all about fast, efficient, and safe workouts that yield results. There was a time, believe it or not that I used to go to the gym for close to 2 hours/day. I would grind through my meticulously planned program and then spend some time doing cardio afterwards…usually in the form of sprints on the treadmill or the stair machine. This was brutal. At the time though, it felt right. I thought this was the kind of dedication that was needed in order to get the body I wanted at the time. Fast forward a couple of years and that same 2 hour workout schedule 6 days a week was working so hot anymore. And now that I have time to reflect back, there is a good chance it wasn’t really working for me then either. But I kept grinding away anyway at the expense of my family, my marriage, and my grades.

So let’s dive in to today’s featured workout, shall we?

It is 4 exercises that I would recommend doing back to back for higher intensity. You can add a short rest period in between if need be. Set your timer for the amount of time you have available and let’s get moving! If you want to see a quick video that outlines the movement and some cues to make sure form is on point, check out my YouTube video (search Alisha Carlson). Perform each movement for 1 minute and rest at the bottom of the circuit. Don’t forget a quick dynamic warm up before getting started- think jumping jacks, butt kickers, easy squats, etc. Get the body warm and the blood moving through your muscles.

  • Broad jump
  • Squat
  •  Plank
  • Push ups

Comment and let me know how it goes for you!

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