Oh my gosh, have you tried this yet?

I’ll admit, I feel a little slow in joining the online grocery shopping craze, but I hoesntly kind of enjoyed it…well, more like was too much of a control freak to not do my own shopping. In all honesty I thought I was saving money too by going to different stores for different items. I’m sure you can probably relate to that thought process a little too, am I right?  However, I have entered a new season and realize I simply need more time. I want more time for the people and things that matter in life. And frankly, grocery shopping and doing chores are not where I want to be spending my time, and are not tasks that are going to bring me short or long-term fulfillment.

I tried click list (a Fred Meyer brand) for the first time 2 weeks ago (getting ready to submit my third list after I hit publish), and I am hooked. I was done with my grocery shopping from clicking to picking up in about 30 minutes. One of the nice things as well is that  my Rewards card is already linked to my account, meaning it stores items previously purchased to streamline the shopping experience that much more.

Clicklist may not be available in your area, but I know there are other options out there it might just take a little research to see what the grocery stores in your area offer. I am eager to try other online markets and meal services like Thrive Market, Sun Basket, or Green Chef. Initially I thought that using services like this would end up costing our family more money and wouldn’t even try to justify the cost to my hubby.  After using Clicklist for a couple of weeks now I we are saving money because we aren’t tossing in those spontaneous purchases. The added bonus? I am sticking with my meal plans and therefore my fitness goals as well. Which who isn’t into that?


Want to get the most out of your online grocery shopping experience? Here are some of my top tips:

-Meal plan and have your grocery list on hand when you sit down to the computer

-Listen to a podcast or personal development book on your way to pick up your groceries instead of the radio

-Schedule it during a time you can run other errands in that area  and look for off peak pick up time slots to save time

-If you have friends that use it too, maybe you can take turns picking up the orders

-First three pick ups are free, after that it’s a flat fee (this is at least true of Clicklist, Thrive Market offers free shipping on orders over $49)


If you have questions about my meal plans, workouts, or fitness in general email me at findyourthrive@gmail.com and if you’ve got some tips of your own I want to hear from you! Leave them in the comments below.

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