Goal Getter

Are you a goal getter or more of a goal quitter? There is a ton of science out there about whether or not we will reach our goals and why it is that some people achieve what they set out to accomplish and why others don’t. Up until recently I would have hands down said that I am one of the ones that sets the goals and gets them. However, recently in my business I have hit a glass ceiling. I have let temporary failures keep me down and keep me back. With a little introspection and weeding of my subconscious thoughts I have realized that it is quite literally all in my head.

Whether your goals are health and fitness related or not I’ve got a few pointers to help you get there faster. We’ve all been there with great hopes and aspirations and no freaking idea how to get there. I’ve cultivated this  list from my own personal development via vlogs, books, and podcasts. Some of them seem so simple or even perhaps intuitive.

On their own, each tip is helpful, but I think that when you use them all together that is when the magic can really start to happen!

1. Write your goals out.

2. Tell a friend or someone you trust to keep you accountable.

3. Let the ideas flow- think about any and every way to make it happen.

4. Start to create a plan, starting with WHY you want the goal, HOW you will achieve it, and WHAT you are going to do.

5. Take action!

If your goals actually do involve health/fitness, building a fitness business, becoming the happiest, most fulfilled YOU there is, OR all of the above..then let’s connect. Virtual boot camps and Coach apprenticeships available monthly. Email: findyourthrive@gmail.com  for more information on upcoming boot camps, to schedule a free consultation, or to learn more about what this Coaching thing is.


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