Goal setting how to in 2018, you’ll be ready to rock this year in no time!

Here we are almost one week into 2018. If you are like me and probably a majority of other women out there you are thinking ahead to this year and some of the big or little goals you want to accomplish. Perhaps you’ve already started setting goals for 2018, in which case give yourself a pat on the back. Today I want to show you how to set goals and achieve them this year. There are so many different strategies out there it can be overwhelming. One thing they all seem to have in common though is an emphasis on planning ahead.

I’ll admit my strong suit does not tend to be planning ahead, and in complete honesty How to set goals and achieve them this year (2)that has been something that has come back to bite me in the backside more than I care to admit. However, since we are blessed with another year to work on the things that have held us back in the past, one of my personal goals for the New Year is to get my booty more organized and less stressed.

If the mere thought of goal setting makes your head spin a little, don’t sweat! I’ve got you covered. I’ll even have some free goal setting worksheets you can check out to help you get those goals on paper and into reality. In my workbook I’ll show you how to set goals using a few simple exercises. The exercises will help you evaluate your life as a whole and figure out the specific areas of life to set goals in for these first 12 weeks.

But…just in case you don’t want to download the FREE workbook, I’m going to share some tips to help you get a start on setting your fitness goals for 2018 as well as all the other goals you’ve got in your heart.

Let’s get into it!

First things first, you want to start with a plan. I’m sure you’ve heard the analogy of taking a road trip without a map, well this is pretty much the same thing. If you got in the car and just started driving in a direction without knowing where you are going and the route to get there it is doubtful you will end up where you wanted to go.Whether it is fitness goals you are working towards, relationship goals, or any other goal you set for yourself you want to have a plan. Habits and routines will be the foundation of your plan, and those can take some time to create. So remember to be patient and consistent.

Keep it simple. I’ve noticed overcomplicating things comes easily and almost always leads to frustration and perhaps eventually even  quitting or giving up. Once you’ve got your plan outlined check it a couple of times to see if there is a way to simplify it even more (without taking out any of the necessary steps of course).

Implement the buddy system! Find a friend or a group of people that support your journey and are perhaps even on their own similar journey to help hold you to your goals. As sexy as it is setting and crushing goals, the journey will undoubtedly get rocky, and if you don’t have your tribe behind you it is really easy to quit on yourself. Plus, life is just more fun when we do it with each other.

Remember there will be ups and downs on your journey, and failing is not the end. If you fall off track or get distracted that is absolutely ok. You can always get back on track, and usually the quicker you course correct the easier it is. I am a huge fan of grace, self love, and curiosity. Your journey is just that, your journey. It isn’t going to look the same as anyone else’s, but that is part of the magic. Your journey has been created just for you, and you are the author.

Goal setting is a skill, and it can take time to master. Be patient, dream big, and get ready to crush your goals in 2018! Let’s stay in touch, you can find me on Facebook at Find Your THRIVE, on Instagram @alishacarlson_ , or for recipe inspiration and fitness tips I’m on Pinterest – Alisha Carlson.

PS If you’re looking for that tribe to belong to I’ve got an amazing group of ladies that I think you’d really love! Make sure you fill out the contact form and I’ll make sure you get plugged in.

xo Alisha



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