Friday Favorites-three things that might change your life…

Hello and happy Friday!


In the spirit of love with this week being Valentine’s day after all I wanted to share with you three easy and super simple ways you can show yourself some love.

  1. Take time to reflect, to slow down, and really be present. We seem to live in a time where the busier you are the more important you might feel. But I invite you to carve out some time to just be. Leave the phone in a drawer, get outside, or meet up with that one person you’ve been putting off.
  2. Treat yo’self. I don’t buy too many new clothes for myself, but when I do I make sure that I go for things that make me feel strong, empowered, and confident when I put them on. One of my favorite places to buy new workout clothes is Old Navy. And this week especially I have been loving my high waisted leggings since I was feeling a little bloated from that time of the month.
  3. Celebrate the small wins. This last one might seem a little counterintuitive, but again it gives me a sense of accomplishment and helps me celebrate the little wins–track your food or some other habit you want to focus on. There is something satisfying knowing that I am honoring my bigger intention of taking care of my body and setting an example for my kids as well.

I know as women, moms, and wives we can sometimes get caught up in doing for everyone else, but it is ok  necessary for you to take a little time to recharge your own battery or do something for yourself so that you can continue showing up in a big way for the ones you love the most.


PS. I’d love to hear what you are loving this week and how you are showing yourself some care. Leave a comment below, I always love seeing what you think and what you are up to!






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