Are you ready for the food olympics? aka Thanksgiving…or the stretch between now and the New Year.

We are headed out of town this week for the holiday and I am so excited. Yes, the food will be amazing and so will the family time. But for the first time, I am not feeling overwhelmed or stressed about ‘sticking to my plan/ program’. I know how silly that probably sounds. But its freedom, y’all!

I know I probably won’t make the time to do my full workouts (nor would I even have the equipment), but I am planning to still get in a walk everyday–trying to get those 10,000 steps 😉

I know I will probably drink a bit more wine that I usually do, so I plan to double fist it with the water in one hand and the wine in the other. You’ve heard the water to wine story, right?!

I know there will be so much good food, cause that’s how we do. So I am planning on eating at normal intervals (when my body tells me I’m hungry), making mindful choices (only eating what I LOVE), and eating it slowly (so I know when to stop).

Stop dieting and start living your life with food freedom

In the past, there was so much anxiety around the holidays for me. I couldn’t wait for them to come, but could always feel myself on edge. Because I had been living life in so much food restriction I couldn’t help myself but to binge on all the holiday foods that seemed ‘off limits’ for the rest of the year.

Giving yourself the permission to eat any and ALL of the foods you want, in the amount you want, whether you’re hungry or not is ok. But so is choosing not to.

Whatever you decide, make sure YOU are the one making the choice and the choices you’re choosing are intentional, mindful, and kind.

Don’t let others push their agenda on you or their own food issues your way. Likewise, notice if you start slipping back into some of the diet-y mindsets.

Be sure to grab your FREE guide before you head into the holiday weekend. It’s packed with all sorts of strategies you can use not only during the holidays, but year round!

Here’s to happy, healthy holidays,