I know there’ve been times when you’ve looked at someone who was living a life you wanted, and thought “how does she do it?” I know this because it used to be the very same thought I’d have as I looked at other women who seemed so alive and so comfortable in their skin. Her secret isn’t really a secret, and it’s certainly not something you can’t do too.

She’s consistent. She doesn’t start and stop things over and over. She may not nail it on the first attempt, but she doesn’t give in or give up. She just tries something else.

I didn’t get that though for the longest time. I thought there had to be some sort of a magic pill or potion. It’s not magic, its just reality. Consistently doing something over time will yield results. Depending on the actions, they will either be results you want or ones you don’t.

Consistency is rebellious

In the beginning of any lifestyle change it’s much easier NOT to show up day after day. Choosing to do the opposite, is rebellious. Stop for a moment, and think about the closest people to you. What are the things they do consistently that are benefitting them? I’ll bet it’s easier to make a list of the things you think they could do a little less if they wanted to make their lives better.

“Choosing to be consistent in showing up for yourself, is essentially choosing your life. “

Choosing to be consistent in showing up for yourself, is essentially choosing your life. When you’re ready to make real changes, you’re no longer satisfied to let your dreams pass you by. You aren’t going to wish for something different, but actually do something different–over and over and over. This is what turns your wishes into reality.

Make time for your priorities

If you ever want to see your dreams come to life, you can’t cross your fingers and wish things to be different. Remember, if nothing changes, nothing will change. So if you’re not making time today to move your body or choose more nutritious foods because you don’t have time, it will be the same story tomorrow, or six months form now unless you intentionally change something.

Most people don’t intentionally think about how their actions today are impacting and creating their future. We usually go through today only thinking about today. When this is the case, it’s easy to not see how our decisions today are forming who we will be in the future. The truth is, your choices today (whether positive or negative) are shaping your future.

Take a look at what you’re choosing today. Do you like the person you’re creating? If not, it’s ok. Be patient with yourself, give yourself some grace, and then get to work.

Choosing to show up every single day for yourself and your goals is tough work.

Not everyone is willing to do the hard work of transforming their minds and their bodies. Give yourself a pat on the back for being different. The people who don’t ever create real lasting change are the ones who have made friends with their unpleasant circumstances. You’ve got to be at the place where it’s so much worse to stay as is than it is to venture into your discomfort zone on purpose.

Be willing to endure a little discomfort now by not giving into the urge for instant gratification. The next time you have a craving or an urge to slip back into old habits try the 5 minute rule. When the urge hits, wait 5 minutes before giving in. When you force yourself to pause, you might find you don’t actually want to eat the whole candy bar, but you’re just stressed.

If you can learn to exercise self-control, and make decisions from a place of intentional and mindfulness rather than from a mindless place you’ll find it easier to be consistent with your food choices, workouts, etc.

Keep your long term vision for your life, your health, and body front of mind

Set aside some time to see yourself living the life you want in the body you want. What do you want to feel. How do you want to ‘be’?

Ever had those dreams that seemed so real you wake up wondering if it actually happened? Your mind can’t tell the difference between reality and an imagined vision. Use that to your advantage.

Still not convinced consistency IS the way to live your life like a modern day lady ninja? Check out the video below.

Create healthier habits consistently in 5 simple steps