Full confession: I was a pretty late adopter to the whole smart watch craze.

One major reason: they can subconsciously trigger you to overeat because you think you’ve ‘earned it’.😑

Just to clarify—you don’t ever have to ‘earn’ food.

The other major reason: they can cause obsession around things like calories and steps…which as a recovering dieter is not helpful.

As a recovered dieter myself, obsessing over the numbers and the rules was something I spent a lot of time doing.

And now, that I’m not dieting anymore and not really into tracking anything, I didn’t want to get sucked back into that mindset.

If you’re more about living a healthy lifestyle than dieting these days 🙋‍♀️ then you’re likely not one to set goals anymore about inches or weight You want to lose. Which is a huge and scary step🙌🏻🙌🏻

But you probably do still set fitness goals for yourself because you want to feel good in your body🥰

One of my recent goals was to try to average 10k steps/ day since I coach from home most days, I do a fair bit of sitting, and was looming to get more activity throughout the day.

Woman running with farming watch

I noticed an interesting thing started happening, I’d find myself pacing around the living room at the end of the day to get to 10k if I hadn’t reached my goal yet..😳

That was a wake up call, that on some level there was still some of that icky dieting energy fueling my action. 👎🏻

When you decide to radically change the way you think about things (ie ditching the diet mindset after so long) it IS going to take time to unlearn dieting behaviors.

👉🏼If you start to feel yourself slip back into that negative space, interrupt the thought process with a simple command like ‘brain, stop’ or my personal fave ‘not today Satan’.

👉🏼Instead of making your goal a hard and fast rule you MUST keep, practice taking more of a mindful + intuitive approach to your life.

This means being mindful of the energy fueling your actions and being ok with changing it up as needed.

Learning how to live the non-diet lifestyle takes time..like any other good thing 🖤🖤

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Xo, Alisha