How to make subtle mindset shifts from dieting and diet culture to living a full-blown non-diet lifestyle allowing you to move away from insecurity and anxiety, people pleasing, and self-sabotaging behaviors. Plus the biggest take aways fitness taught me that has helped me be a better wife, mom, and entrepreneur. All in this first ever episode of The Strong[HER] Way Show

Whether you are just dipping your toes into the non-diet lifestyle or you’ve been navigating it for a few months now, you are probably still experiencing some uncertainty about whether or not this is the best lifestyle for you.

I went from complete food and body obsession to relaxed and accepting of my body. After years of trying just about every diet out there, “successfully” losing weight for a period of almost 10 years, almost wrecking my marriage and family in the process I figured there had to be a better way than what I was doing.

In 2018 before starting my next workout program and diet, I set out to find it.

Surely, we as women exist for more than just looking good and being fit. Tune in, as we navigate what that journey looks like while giving practical strategies you can use.

Fitness should be simple, easy, minimal, and effective. That is The Strong[HER] Way.

Listen to the first episode of The Strong[HER] Way Show here. for information on The Mindful Eating Project + to snag your FREE gift 3 Time Wasting Mistake Every Busy Woman is Making.

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The Strong[HER] Way