How many times have you found yourself saying the words, “I can’t eat that…”? If I had to guess, it is far too many. tijana-drndarski-4LVpathQW_4-unsplash

You’re not to blame for this. It’s part of the marketing and conditioning we have received from countless messages from the diet industry and sadly even the medical community.

Of course, I believe our bodies are a temple, and we ought to steward them well by nourishing and caring for them. But, I don’t believe our bodies were meant to be worshipped nor our health and wellness idolized like it is.

If you’ve found yourself wondering:
Is it ‘ok’ to eat whatever you want? Can you still get results even if you’re not following a diet? Will I be healthy if I eat anything I want to?

You are not alone.

These are all common questions I get from women just like you who want to feel good in their bodies, be healthy, fit, and strong all while running their house and their lives like the boss babes they are.

In today’s show, I share with you one simple mindset shift that can unlock a whole new level of food freedom. This four letter word has likely been causing you all sorts of emotional and mental stress when it comes to eating.

We also explore why food restriction is holding you back from being the healthiest (and happiest) version of yourself.

I know you were created to fulfill an amazing purpose, and I also know you can’t reach it fully if you’re feeling anxious and stressed out over food, exercise, and what your body looks like.

It is my biggest hope that this one simple hack around food will start bring peace and calm to the kitchen and your mind as you explore The Strong[HER] Way to eat, move, and live.

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