Hey sister, ever have that nagging, gnawing feeling inside that you’re not good enough?


That no matter what you do, you’ll never be good enough. No matter how well you track your food, how hard you workout, or how perfect you try to be, it’s just not enough.

You’re disciplined, almost to a fault. You find your worth in what you look like and in your achievements. On the outside, it probably looks like you have it all together, but inside you feel anxious, insecure, and like there is more to your life than what you look like.

Overcoming perfectionism inside an imperfect body is hard work, and it takes a massive mindset shift in how we look at the bodies we have and what their ultimate purpose actually is. You and I were created to be more than a lean, fit, healthy, or strong body. We were created with a unique and special purpose for our lives. However, we can’t reach that potential fully, as long as we are obsessing over food, our weight, or what we look like.

I’ve been right where you are. I know the anxiety and the fear that comes with accomplishing and maintaining the perfect body. And I’m here to tell you, no matter what your body looks like, it will never be good enough if you’re trying to find your value and your worth in your outer appearance.

In today’s show, I share how I overcame the perfectionism that almost ruined my marriage and my family. We also talk about how you can heal from perfectionism to find the every day simple joy that comes with learning how to live in and love the body you’re in today.

If you are struggling with your body image, today’s show is a must listen. And if you’re ready to take the next step to breaking up with the never ending diet cycle, I’m here for you.

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