Let’s be real for a minute… now is the time of year we’re all kinda starting to think about what we are gonna look like in our summer clothes.. even if we’ve started to leave diet culture behind👗👙

And the knee jerk response may be to cut calories, slash carbs (because, hello—they make you fat), and kick the workouts into high gear for max calorie burn. 🔥

👉🏼But if you’ve ever done this in the past, you probably remember how well it didn’t work.. at least not long term.

Sure, it *may* work for a week or even a month—depending on how high your tolerance for discomfort is.🤷‍♀️

But eventually we cave. And this diet cycle is what keeps us stuck.♻️

Subconsciously I think I still have some carb-phobia happening. And it’s been sabotaging me in the worst way 😑

Anyone ever have those days when the afternoon or evenings hit and you’re like 🔊“gimme all the carbs”?!

🤐When we restrict whether intentionally or not, it sends the signal to our bodies food is scarce and to protect from starvation our body seeks the quickest source of energy—

C A R B S 🍰🍩🍞

Don’t be afraid to switch it up. Your nutrition journey is like one big experiment.

Tune into the video below to see how I’m navigating this in my own Mindful Eating Project..


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