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Hey mama, find yourself seeking comfort from the cupboard more than usual?

Ain’t no shame if so…but ask yourself if it is providing the long-term comfort you’re hoping for or leaving you feeling more defeated than before.

Just to be clear there isn’t anything morally ‘wrong’ with emotional eating. However, it’s not a long-term coping strategy that is likely to produce the results you’re after. And usually only leaves us feeling more beat up after the fact.

I am in no way promoting you dive back into diet culture right now. But I do want to empower you to make mindful choices about where you’re looking for comfort and peace right now.

On the other hand, this is a message I feel is often overlooked in the Intuitive eating /anti diet space..

At first glance it can seem like just because you can eat whatever you want means you ‘should’ eat anything you want for any reason.

I think this is misguided advice, that isn’t likely to leave you feeling better or more empowered around food.

The 7th step in the Intuitive Eating Process is to Cope with Your feelings. The authors acknowledge we will feel a variety of emotions throughout our lives.

And food won’t fix any of them. Sure, food may provide short term comfort.

But it won’t solve the problem. If anything, eating for emotional hunger will likely make you feel worse after. Eventually, you will have to deal with the trigger.

Looking to create some healthy coping strategies?

– When you’re not feeling emotional/ stressed out, pull out a sheet of paper and brain dump a list of things you *think* may want to try the next time you want to grab the bag of chips and go to town.

-Note any obvious triggers for it a co-worker, boss, friend, relative?

-Pick a new strategy to try ahead of if you know you will see someone that triggers the stress response.

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