Let’s talk about Aunt FLO for a sec. her monthly visit used to be the worst time of the month for me.
Cramps. Bloating. Cravings. Acne.
Then I was introduced to the concept of cycle syncing.
This is literally where you sync your lifestyle to your monthly cycle.
You learn how to partner WITH your body (ahem, hullo non-diet approach )
life coach for women

Photo by Andre Furtado


Rather than working against it.
I hate to admit this, but As a woman, I haven’t really thought about working with my body’s natural monthly rhythm
I always just viewed my cycle as that monthly visit from Aunt Flo…not the entire month.
Turns out, there is so much more to our monthly cycles than our periods.
If you find yourself struggling through the monthly visits from your cycle or if things with your body and your lifestyle just feel sort of ‘off’, then you won’t want to miss this conversation I got to have with Leisha Drews, hormone specialist.
We talk about how you can use your monthly cycle to fuel your workouts, your work, and your life in general.
Pretty rad stuff if you ask me.
And if you’re ready to dive deeper into this material in your own life, email alisha@alishacarlson.com to set up a time to talk about your goals and grab your own custom blueprint on how to bring them to life.