The truth about food and fitness challenges: avoid these diet pitfalls

This week we are talking all about Food + Fitness Challenges on The StrongHER Way.

We’ve all seen em, and perhaps have even tried them ourselves.

Unfortunately, they seem to be more like mini diets than anything…which means we are preparing to feel deprived so we end up getting it all in before the challenge starts.

And, *if* we make it to the end with enough will power, we binge again on all the things we cut out over the last 21/ 30 days.

We vow to cut out sugar, carbs, alcohol with I think pretty good intentions, trying to get healthier, and perhaps even test out will power, but often the mindset behind these challenges back fire.

This episode aired previously, but was just so good, I wanted to replay it just in case you missed it the first time around. (You can listen in on your favorite podcast platform)

As the weather gets warmer, we will undoubtedly be seeing more and more messaging out there encouraging us to get our ‘summer’ or ‘bikini’ bodies ready.

The truth is your body is always ready for the summer or a bikini (or whatever other kind of suit you want to wear).

No dieting, no getting in shape necessary.

While I do think there *can* potentially be some benefit from food + fitness challenges, they are likely not what you would expect, and I think if left unchecked, they often end up being more like a diet than anything else.

So, to help you avoid those pitfalls and diet traps, I’m sharing with you some ways to approach these challenges in the future, as well as giving you some alternative non- diet strategies to food + fitness that won’t leave you feeling deprived and restricted while also putting you in the driver’s seat around your favorite foods.

Are you ready to say good bye to dieting forever, for food to feel easy, and for exercise to be something you do regularly for yourself rather than it feel like a daunting chore or punishment for things you ate?

If so, I can help. You can simply email to set up a consult to see if my non-diet approach is what you’re looking for.

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