The scale doesn’t show you the whole picture–Why your weight shouldn’t be the only way you measure your health or fitness

I almost didn’t post this…

So this is almost 160# at 5’3 on my body.

I pretty much never weigh myself anymore, but had a doctors’ appt last week and she of course wanted to get my weight.

At first I declined. She insisted, and I saw it as an opportunity to learn about myself and see where there might still be growth for me here.

At first, I could feel all the old chatter starting to rise after seeing the number.

I could even see my brain thinking of all the ways I could lose some weight to get to a number that seems more ‘acceptable’ or ideal for someone of my height.

Surely by the BMI, I’m almost obese.

But, this is honestly the healthiest I’ve been maybe ever.

My hormones look good

My blood panel is on point

My period is regular and have very little if any PMS symptoms

Better intimacy with my hubby

Healthiest relationship to food and exercise

Not to mention I’m actually out there living my life instead of waiting until my body looks a certain way or is a certain size.

After years of body dysmorphia, disordered eating, and waiting to love my body and live my life, this feels pretty good.

Just goes to show, the scale doesn’t have to define you or your health for that matter.

And, no chart at the doctors’ office is going to be able to tell you the most ideal weight for you and your body.

Your body will look different at a given weight than someone else’s.

Your body will respond to food and exercise differently as well.

This is why cookie cutter meal plans and workout programs don’t work for most people most of the time long term.

Focus less on the scale and more on the small, daily habits. Your body will take care of itself when we are taking care of it with sleep, healthy stress management/ coping, food, and movement.

Sending you much love on this journey today

and if you want to get to a place where the scale doesn’t ruin your day or dictate what you eat and how you workout, and feel about yourself, I can help.

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