3 Reasons Meal Plans & Diets don’t work long term

Often times I get asked for some sort of meal plan when clients first start to work with me.

They just want someone to tell the what to eat because they think it’ll make it easier to stick with if they had some one tell them exactly what to eat, what not to eat, and how much of it.

But, how many times have you likely tried that strategy? This is why we try diet after diet.

It might go ok for a week or two before you start to feel like you need to take a break.

Then you go completely opposite. It’s like a little food vacation before you feel like you need to ratchet down again.

This is the diet cycle.

Follow the plan
Feel restricted, deprived, hungry
Take a ‘break’ (eat everything you’ve been avoiding)
Then start all over

Meal plans often feel restrictive, especially when someone else has made it for you.

Learning how to eat for your body, life, and personal goals is what ultimately creates peace around food.

You don’t feel quite so out of control around your favorite foods, you’re able to eat them in an amount that feels good in your body.

And, you’re able to skip them just as well without feeling deprived or restricted ultimately leading you to binge on them when you do give yourself ‘permission’ to have them.

Instead of meal plans, I show my clients how to create habits around food. I help them understand hunger and fullness in their body, and show them how to honor those without over eating just because the food is there.

My clients end up thinking about food and their bodies less. They make choices around food that support them in their lives as well as their goal of feeling good in/ about their body.

Bonus: they learn what triggers their emotional, stress, overeating so they can change those pesky habits without it feeling like an all out fight with yourself.

if this sounds like the kind of relationship you want to have with food, I can definitely help you. You can email alisha@alishacarlson.com to get started.


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