Why food guilt might actually be beneficial

Food guilt is a common thing my clients struggle with when they first start to work with me.

Often times they feel SO guilty for ‘cheating’ on their diets and eating foods they don’t think they’re supposed to have or for eating more than they wanted to.

Instead of learning from it, usually they just try harder NOT to give in next time. They beat themselves up, and vow to never do it again.

If you haven’t been there yourself…yet, this strategy usually backfires.

There are essentially 2 ways you can look at food guilt:

1. Comes from food being a moral issue— with “good” foods and “bad” foods (this leads to the scenario I described above)


2. you feel guilty because you have behaved in a way that doesn’t align with your personal goals, your values, or the woman you are working to become.

The guilt in this instance is like the indicator light on your dash letting you know that something is off, and needs your attention.

We dive into each of those on a deeper level.

And, I break down The Behavior Triad, a tool I use with my clients to help them change their habitual behaviors around food, exercise, and pretty much any other area on a deep level.

Ultimately it is about using your brain’s autopilot feature to your advantage instead of it being used against you with habits that don’t serve you or align with your goals.

You can listen to the full show here or wherever you listen to podcasts.

If you’re tired of the constant struggle with food, your weight, body, and exercise, I can help. I teach my clients how to feel better in their bodies while working on healing their relationship to food, exercise, and themselves.

Email alisha@alishacarlson.com to get started.

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