Body Acceptance, the same thing as ‘giving up’ on yourself?

Accepting where your body at now is a huge part of healing your relationship to food and your body.

But, often times we feel like if we just learned to love and embrace our bodies now, we would just be giving up on ourselves…falling short of our potential somehow.

Your body shape, size, or weight does not determine your worth, value, or potential as a human regardless of what society or the media wants you to believe.

Unfortunately it seems most people attempt to earn those things through weight loss or ‘toning up’ their bodies.

When you shift the focus of your fitness journey toward who you will become on the other side of it, everything changes.

You can learn to both embrace, accept, and love the body you’re in while also still working on specific health or fitness goals.

This stems from you knowing to your core that you and your body are already worthy and valuable without ever needing them to change. And that you won’t be any more worthy or valuable if or when you do reach those fitness goals.

Often times I see my clients holding onto or comparing their bodies against a former version of themselves body or to another woman’s body. This is only going to perpetuate the food and weight issues you are struggling with.

We sometimes hold onto those highlight reels because we think they will give us the motivation we need to ‘get back in shape’.

The reality?

This often back fires and instead of motivating us to make any sort of change, we use it as ammunition against ourselves.

We can become frustrated with our bodies/selves if we mess up, miss a workout, or the results don’t come as quick as we want.

This can either lead to you feeling like you want to throw in the towel and give up all together or you get super strict with yourself.

Accepting where you’re at right now is not failure. It’s not you giving up on yourself.

In fact, it is quite the opposite.

By embracing, accepting, and loving your body as it is now allows you to start to make better choices for your body without it feeling like a constant struggle.

For some women, this looks like taking a more gentle approach to exercise and food. Being less strict or harsh with yourself.

For others, this might look like bringing in a bit more structure to your workouts and nutrition so that your body can get the movement + nutrients it needs.

Healing your relationship with yourself and your body is foundational to dealing with your food issues.

If you’re ready to feel good in your body, I can help. I’ll help you get to the root cause of your mindless eating, bingeing, and constant overeating. Using my non-diet approach, you won’t feel hungry, deprived or restricted around food. If you’re ready to finally end the war with food and your body, email to get started by setting up your free consult. #thestrongherway

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