How to treat cellulite

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Ok, moment of truth: do you have cellulite? 
If you answered yes, you’re in good company. 

93% of women do.

That 7% of women that don’t is an incredibly small number when you think about all the women you know let alone are on the planet. 

Sadly, so many of those women go to great lengths to try to get rid of it or to hide it. 

Worse yet, we feel bad for even having it. 

If that’s you today, I want to encourage you to just…

wear the stinkin’ shorts.

Put on the swim suit.

Live your life in spite of the dimples. 

Here’s the deal..

I let the cellulite on my legs stop me for so long from wearing shorts.Instead I’d put the pants on and just sweat it out.

I’m over it. I’m done. 

And I want to see you walking in that same freedom too.

Cellulite isn’t a medical problem or issue to be “fixed”. It’s normal.
And, that is exactly how we should treat it.

Women are more prone to it than men (they’re still not sure why)

And it says absolutely ZERO about your worth, beauty, or value as a woman.

Make daily choices to take good care of you and your body and let the rest of it go.

There’s so much more to life than a perfect, cellulite- free, ab popping body.

And you have so much more to give the world than a cellulite free bod.

And care for the body you have today.

PS. If you’ve been playing the game.. you know the one that has you—counting the calories or tracking your macros meticulously or thinking about food non stop..

Beating yourself up day in and day out when you don’t lose the weight
when you ‘mess up’ and eat something you weren’t supposed to..

and you’re burned out and weary from the journey, I got you.

There’s a better way. 

A way that is life giving, not soul sucking, and I want to invite you to explore that with me.

If you’re ready to ditch the drama over the scale and you want to work on your relationship to yourself, food, and exercise, email

Now is always the best time to get started.

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