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Your Holiday Survival Guide to Do Holidays Different this year: save money, avoid unwanted holiday weight gain, and preserve your sanity

Tis the season of holiday parties, extra spending, and perhaps a bit too much eggnog. This time of year used to be so stressful for me. We were charging Christmas on our credit...

Don’t fall into the diet trap this Thanksgiving |Be empowered around food without any guilt or shame

Are you ready for the food olympics? aka Thanksgiving...or the stretch between now and the New Year. We are headed out of town this week for the holiday and I am so excited. Yes,...

Quit procrastinating: how the lie of starting Monday is sabotaging you

How many times have you told yourself you'll start your diet or your workout program again on Monday or in the New Year? What if I told you there is no such thing as a "Monday"...

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How to Become More Confident


Healthy snack ideas for any diet

Yep, you read that right. I used the word diet, without even a blink of the eye. It's not because I want you to buy into 'diet culture' which is in itself a pretty destructive and ineffective way to manage your weight, your health, or your sanity for that matter....

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