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Are you wearing perfectionism like a badge of honor?

Then there was that one time I stepped on stage in a teeny weeny bikini 👙😳 Perfectionism, like busy, was a badge of honor I used to wear proudly. 🥇   Which means, I was often...

One reason you shouldn’t be wearing a fitness tracker like Fitbit…

Full confession: I was a pretty late adopter to the whole smart watch craze. One major reason: they can subconsciously trigger you to overeat because you think you've 'earned...

How to eat the right amount of food for your body…without portion control

Anyone else ever struggle with portion control…or just me 🙋‍♀️ Use these three tips if you’re not sure how much you should be eating 👇🏻 Portion control is a topic that comes up...

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How to Become More Confident


One quick way to stop your body shaming

  In early 2018 I had this radical epiphany.. I was dieting, and I was selling a diet lifestyle to my clients.    Up to that point I thought I was just being healthy--always watching what I was eating, monitoring my calories or macros, and exercising daily. I tracked...

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One mistake every woman needs to stop making

You don't need permission to be yourself, but so often that is how it might feel like you're living your life. Waiting for the signs and the sense that you are somehow doing it 'right'. You look for those signs in affirmations from others. In the praise you get for a...

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