Cycle syncing 101- learn how to use your monthly cycle in a powerful way

Let’s talk about Aunt FLO for a sec. her monthly visit used to be the worst time of the month for me.
Cramps. Bloating. Cravings. Acne.
Then I was introduced to the concept of cycle syncing.
This is literally where you sync your lifestyle to your monthly cycle.
You learn how to partner WITH your body (ahem, hullo non-diet approach )
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Rather than working against it.
I hate to admit this, but As a woman, I haven’t really thought about working with my body’s natural monthly rhythm
I always just viewed my cycle as that monthly visit from Aunt Flo…not the entire month.
Turns out, there is so much more to our monthly cycles than our periods.
If you find yourself struggling through the monthly visits from your cycle or if things with your body and your lifestyle just feel sort of ‘off’, then you won’t want to miss this conversation I got to have with Leisha Drews, hormone specialist.
We talk about how you can use your monthly cycle to fuel your workouts, your work, and your life in general.
Pretty rad stuff if you ask me.
And if you’re ready to dive deeper into this material in your own life, email to set up a time to talk about your goals and grab your own custom blueprint on how to bring them to life.


Is it time to take a break from the booze? I gave it up for 7 days and here’s what happened

Find yourself counting down the time until it’s ‘socially acceptable’ to have a drink?
Or maybe you have a glass or two of wine to polish off the day because you’ve ‘earned it
or you just need to forget about the stress and anxiety that 2020 has brought.
That was me.
Drinking had become a daily thing for me. And really without even thinking about it.
I’d joke that Jesus turned water into wine, so it must be good.
Or it’s 5 o’clock somewhere. Life coach for women
The truth is, if drinking weren’t a problem for me, I’d never need to find a justification for it. I’d never need to come up with something to say to make myself feel better about having a drink when I really needed something else instead.
This week’s episode of The Strong[HER] Way has been a long time coming.
I actually ran this experiment on myself a couple months ago, and finally had the guts to share it with you now.
It seems like no matter what time of year or day it is, there is always an excuse for a drink. There’s always something to celebrate. Or something to forget.
That finally caught up with me toward the end of summer.
After working with a sobriety coach I decided to cut out alcohol for 7 days. Because, if I’m being honest any longer seemed like too long.
What I learned about myself, how I used alcohol, and what I had allowed it to become in my life was eye opening to say the least.
Whether you are actually struggling with alcohol or not, you don’t want to miss this.
You can run your own experiment on yourself with anything you feel might be a stronghold in your life or is getting in the way.
Spoiler alert: the things that are most hindering actually seem like they are helping you.
life coach for women
And if you want to do it with the help of a coach by your side, then message me or shoot me an email. I would love to chat to see if my approach is the best one for you.
PS. Listen to the full episode to No Drink November

Do you need to workout more?

Last week we looked at reasons why the ‘more is better’ approach may not be the best approach to take when it comes to reaching your fitness goals…especially as an entrepreneur with a family to raise as well as you probably don’t have a ton of extra time to spare meticulously tracking your food or logging long workouts.

This week we dive into how you can find your own sweet spot when it comes to exercise and nutrition.

You do not have to go to extremes to reach your fitness goals. In fact, it could be that mindset that is keeping you stuck.

Health and fitness podcastFinding your sweet spot will help you….

Get a better handle on your hunger and appetite, which will help you more easily make nutrition choices that align with your goals.

Recover appropriately between training sessions.

Achieve your goals without compromising your physical and mental health.

Avoid burnout.

Expose your body to less exercise-induced stress.

Reduce your risk of injury.

Improve consistency, therefore also improving sustainability.

Free up more of your precious time and mental energy.



If you’re an entrepreneurial minded mom, and don’t have a ton of extra time to dedicate to longer, more intense workout programs or complicated nutrition plans that require you to cut out foods or keep track, then tune into this week’s episode. I’ll share with you a sneak peek of exactly how I help the women I coach find their perfect dose of exercise.

And if you really want to take things up a notch without having to do more,  I want to invite you to hop on a connect call with me! I have a few spots open for 1:1 coaching with me and want to help you reach your fitness goals without sacrificing your time.

And if you want to snag your FREE copy of The Mindful Eating Project Kickstart Guide, you can do so here!

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Let go of toxic behaviors around food, exercise, and your mindset: why you need to break your bad habits now

Bad habits, we all have them in various forms. Some are more obvious than others, yet they all in some way trip us up and keep us from being the strong, fierce, and beautiful women we were created to be. This weeks’ show talks about why you need to break your bad habits around food, exercise, and your mindset now so you can be more fully the woman you were created to be.



Whether they are bad behaviors you picked up around food, exercise, or your thoughts, you can break them and replace them with better habits more aligned with your goals.

In today’s show, I share with you how pruning my lavender taught me some pretty valuable lessons about pruning bad habits from my life and letting dead things go.

What do you need to prune in your life? What bad habits need to die? What are you willing to let go of so you can grab hold of what you were created for?

Pruning is a painful process and sometimes we even have to let go of the “good” things so we can grab hold of the best things.

Even if you’re not into gardening, you will get so much value from today’s show!


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Dealing with negative feelings about our bodies: how you can fix negative body image issues using your thoughts

Do you find yourself quietly comparing what you look like to other women?

Whether it’s us judging ourselves against people we know or not, comparison is a no-win game. And usually leaves us struggling with negative body image issues and anxiety.

This is especially true if we are comparing ourselves to photoshopped and filtered images on Instagram or other social media outlets.

If we aren’t careful, those negative feelings can take over our lives. It’s all we think about, and end up obsessing over how to ‘fix’ our bodies to fit more with what the current ideal body standard is of the moment.

Needless to say, spending so much time and energy comparing what we think we look like against how others look is a waste of our precious time.

What you might not know is that those negative feelings you have about yourself are all inside your head.

Our feelings are generated by the stories we tell ourselves over and over again.

This means though, you can change how you feel about your body without ever changing it by simply changing the story you are telling yourself about how you look.

The first step is to neutralize negative thoughts, and that is exactly what I share with you in this week’s episode! Grab your favorite drink, hit play, and get ready to change those toxic thoughts.

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Why body comparison is a waste of your time

4 out of 5 women are unhappy with the way they look in some way. 75% have or currently engage in disordered eating behaviors.

In the sororities I’ve spoken at that stat is more like 💯. When I ask by show of hands who had at least one thing they wanted to change about their body every.single.hand goes up.

As we begin to unpack the idea of body dissatisfaction and how it impacts our self esteem and confidence one theme keeps coming up: Comparison.

The trouble with comparison is we are usually comparing oranges to apples.

Often we are comparing our natural, unfiltered bodies to airbrushed and filtered images. There’s no way our imperfect and flawed bodies could ever compete and win against images that have been retouched and doctored up to give the false illusion that perfection exists.

Looking at what you don’t have or who you’re not is a recipe for disaster. And comparing yourself to others will only ever leave you feeling empty and not good enough.

Especially when you’re comparing yourself to airbrushed and filtered images.

The irony is we think if we were:

We’d be able to be content with ourselves.

But even at 9% body fat I was still comparing and still not feeling good enough.

I’m so much more confident in this body now than I ever was at 111 pounds and shredded.

You can be confident right now without ever shedding a pound. But that work has to start inside.

It truly is a state of mind. Be kind to yourself and treat your body with love. It’s the only one you’ve got 🖤

What makes you feel confident today?

Embrace your imperfections and hold onto what gives you confidence. Ditch the pressure to conform to an unachievable idea of what your body should look like. ✌🏼