Healing your relationship to food, exercise, your body, and yourself is the key.
(This is the thing, all other diets and typical weight loss approaches miss.)

Do you often feel distracted with thoughts about:

-your weight
-your body
-the amount of calories you’ve eaten

Does it often feel like you’re at war with your body, constantly fighting against it?
This is a direct by product of the diet industry.

What will change for you?

- Food will lose its control over you
- You’ll start working with your body and your busy schedule
- You’ll feel better, more confident in your body
- You’ll make more conscious choices around food
- Learn how to say no to what you don’t want, and yes to the other things you do want in your life
- You’ll stop holding yourself back

Are you ready to...

- Give the best of yourself to the key areas of your life
- Make friends with food, exercise, your body, and yourself
-Make healthier choices and live a healthier lifestyle with moderation
-Create a sense of balance between taking care of your family and yourself.
-Learn to live in your purpose and love yourself well
-Cultivate healthy relationships with others, yourself and food
-Stop dieting forever
-Start winning with food

Holistic Non - Diet Approach

stress • sleep • nutrition • exercise/movement • mindset • rest + recharging

I offer a 12-month personalized holistic non-diet approach to help you ease into a healthier lifestyle so you don’t feel overwhelmed trying to change everything at once falling into the ‘all or nothing’ trap of other diets and workout programs out there.

We address these 6 pillars:
-rest + recharging

to help you cultivate a sense of balance in the key areas of your life, so that you are no longer neglecting your own health and wellbeing, and teaches you how to feel more confident in your body.
By making friends with food, your body, and yourself, you’ll learn how to go out and enjoy your life without going overboard.


-12 month 1:1 Coaching Package
-Weekly coaching sessions done via video + check ins *special arrangements can be made
-Access to additional resources to help you supercharge your results via The Strong(HER) Way app (coming soon)

You might be thinking...

This is actually one of the best reasons to hire me as your coach. While it might feel like you are adding one more thing to your already busy schedule, you’ll actually learn how to create more time in your day as a result of us working together.

12 months gives us enough time to work on your goals, creating new habits, and lifestyle changes that will last permanently. No more starting over or ever having to start a diet again. It also gives you enough time to learn how to maintain your your new lifestyle habits and changes. Which, is just as important as learning how to create them in the first place.

Absolutely. You will start to create results from day one. Some of my clients create all of their results early on, and we get to work on creating more results. Regardless of how fast your results show up, remember we are all on our own journey, and are starting from different places.

The root of what we do is work on your relationship to food, your body, and yourself. This is the thing typical diets and weight loss programs miss. They tell you what and how much to eat, but don’t help you work on the mental and emotional side of change. 

Working on your mind and how you think about and approach food is necessary if you want to break up with dieting for good.

If you feel like you’ve tried and failed so many times in the past, it makes sense you would be wondering if this will work for you. Coaching differs from other DIY programs because it helps you change from the inside out. It’s not just a program you’re left to figure out on your own.

You will have me by your side every step of the way.

You have to be willing to approach this differently than anything you’ve done or tried before in the past. Remember you’re creating long term, lasting change which requires you to think and do things differently than you have in the past. Not just doing different things.

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From women like you!

Alisha has taught me how to befriend myself and my present body. Through her coaching, I have gained an understanding of how to connect with my realities in a positive light, and to identify what prevents me from being the better me. Alisha embodies her teachings through her lifestyle. She practices what she preaches!
Melissa C.
Alisha is awesome. She knows exactly the right question to ask to get to the heart of the issue. She is supportive and walks with you through the process; always making herself available for questions.
Margo K.
Alisha is wonderful, since I have started working with Alisha I am finally working on me! I’m not focusing on my weight, but on changing me from the inside out. Alisha helped me change my mindset which in turn is changing my life!! Working with Alisha has helped me to start looking at things from a different view, to slow down, and allow myself to be happy.
Myla P.

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