My fitness philosophy has changed over the years. I’ve gone from not caring about fitness at all to caring about it perhaps a bit excessively to now seeing fitness as something that should fit into your life rather than being your life. I subscribe to the philosophy that you can have it all. You can be strong, lean, and flexible with the proper exercise programming.

Each month I work with a group of women in my virtual wellness studio. We work on establishing healthy and sustainable exercise habits that will last a lifetime. The groups create a space for accountability and vulnerability. We have fun together, we challenge one another to set goals and cheer each other on in crushing them.

Regardless of what kind of fitness you are into, there is something for everyone. We have everything from yoga to HIIT to body weight training to strength training.

Want to learn more about my virtual wellness studio? Fill out the contact form, and I will be in touch! A new group launches the first Monday of every month. Spaces are limited and they do fill fast!

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