The Mindful Eating Project

 Eat in a way that blesses & honors your body

Learn How to Eat to Nourish Your Body

Through daily intentional and mindful decisions you will learn how to eat a balanced diet with your long-term health, well-being, and your lifestyle in mind.

Create Confidence Around Food

Ditch the food rules and restriction so that you never have to wonder if you’re doing ‘it’ right again. You will have a true, lasting sense of self-control by creating new habits and beliefs around food.


Get your time back

Create new behaviors around food that free up your time and energy so that you will have more time to do the things in life you’re actually passionate about. 

Empowering women to step up & own their lives

Starting with how they behave around food and their bodies. The Mindful Eating Project will equip you with strategies that simplify food and the art of eating. Gain a true sense of control around food for once and all when you say good bye to dieting forever.

Collaborative Coaching Approach

I whole-heartedly believe you are the best expert when it comes to what you need, and what will actually work for you. You may just need a little help discovering that voice of inner wisdom and expertise. My number one job as your coach is to come alongside you, and help you build the systems that will help you create long-term lifestyle change. 

Food Freedom Foundations


The Mindful Eating Project uses a simple 3 Step-Framework that equips you with the foundational strategies to help you create a lifetime of food freedom.

Mindset Makeover

The first step in the simple framework inside The Mindful Eating Project walks you through the process of giving your mindset a makeover when it comes to how you think about, behave around, and feel about food. 

Challenging your current beliefs around food is not easy, but it will radically shape your journey toward food freedom for life. And is absolutely necessary if you’re serious about ditching the diet mentality to create a healthy, vibrant life you love.

Cultivating Mindful Eating Habits


Step two in The Mindful Eating Project framework is all about cultivating new habits around food. Without judging your current habits or behaviors around food, we will work together to figure out which habits may simply need an upgrade and which ones need to be tossed out all together and replaced. 

The Mindful Eating habits you will learn inside this group coaching program are not to be used as rule replacements, but rather a way for you to declutter your brain when it comes to eating. Ultimately freeing up time, mental space, and energy by creating a series of new habits around food.

Intentionally Implement

The third step in The Mindful Eating Project is Intentionally Implementation of your new habits and beliefs. Daily practice of the Mindful Eating habits taught inside the program will speed up the process of becoming a more mindful and in-tune eater. 

The biggest changes in life don’t happen overnight, and they usually don’t happen in big leaps and bounds. Small daily steps done intentionally will help you create the long-term freedom around food you’re hungry for.

Collaborative Coaching Sessions

The Strong[HER] Way Sisterhood

Tools to help you implement

Brilliant Bonuses

What if you never had to diet again?

Imagine a day (in the not so far future) where dieting is a thing you used to do. No longer would you feel the need to weigh yourself daily, weekly, or ever again.


There would be no more counting calories, macros, or any other unit we’ve come up with to monitor our food intake.


Think about birthdays, holidays, and vacations without the out of control eating or the intense restriction.


Here’s the kicker may not even feel like you’re dieting, but if you are constantly thinking about food, trying to lose weight, or looking for the next health kick…then I hate to break it to you, but you’re still operating under the diet mentality. 


Think about how empowered and confident you will feel when you’re the one truly in control of food–and not the other way around. 


Close your eyes and visualize what you would do with your time and your energy if you weren’t so preoccupied with the icky feelings about your body or constantly stressing over food.


That day is closer than you think.

 Start today!

Graduates of The Mindful Eating Project

Alisha is awesome.  She knows exactly the right question to ask to get to the heart of the issue.  She is supportive and walks with you though the process; always making herself available for questions.

Missy C.

Entrepreneur, & Physician's Assistant

Alisha has taught me how to befriend myself and my present body. Through her coaching, I have gained an understanding of how to connect with my realities in a positive light, and to identify what prevents me from being the better me. Alisha embodies her teachings though her lifestyle. She practices what she preaches!

Margo K.

Working Wife & Mom

Alisha is wonderful, since I have started working with Alisha I am finally working on me! I’m not focusing on my weight, but on changing me from the inside out.

Alisha helped me change my mindset which in turn is changing my life!! Working with Alisha has helped me to start looking at things from a different view, to slow down, and allow myself to be happy.

Myla P.

Entrepreneur & Mom

Health isn’t a one-size fits all, so when are you going to stop treating it like it is?

It’s time for an approach that fits your lifestyle–it’s time to join

The Mindful Eating Project



Question: How long is The Mindful Eating Project?

 The Mindful Eating Project is a 12-week small group coaching program with (6) Live group coaching calls covering the (6) Modules within the course.  

Question: How will I access The Mindful Eating Project?

The Mindful Eating Project live coaching calls will be recorded if you’re unable to attend them live. You will be given access to them via a special link that will be emailed to you. You will have access to the worksheets and other resources in the Facebook Group, as well as through your weekly accountability emails. 

Question: What is included in The Mindful Eating Project?

When you purchase The Mindful Eating Project you will be invited to participate (6) Live group coaching calls.

You will also have access to The Strong[HER] Way Sisterhood on Facebook. Here you can ask questions for Q & A sessions and connect with other women in the community. 

 You’ll receive additional resources to solidify what you’re learning on the coaching calls, and create an implementation  strategy. 

 VIP members,  will also have access to Voxer, email, or Marco Polo Video Coaching. This upgrade is great for those clients who would like more individualized coaching without paying the 1:1 price.

* Special conditions applied to VIP coaching, email for details and pricing.

Question: Can I get my money back?

There is a 100% Do-the-Work refund policy. We must be able to see you did the work. Which means, you are committed to your transformation. You are required to be on the live calls (or email 24 hours prior to calls informing us, you won’t be on the call with reason), participating and engaging. I must see evidence that you implemented what you learned through physical documentation of your journey. You engaged with me when you had questions, concerns, or were struggling with concepts taught. 

Question: How can I continue to work with you after The Mindful Eating Project?

Great question! If you are interested in leveling up beyond what is taught in The Mindful Eating Project you can reach out to me via email , and you can keep your eye on your inbox for future services, programs, and events (be sure to add to your address book so you never miss a thing).