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As a certified nutrition and fitness coach with over a decade of experience in the industry, I break down the non-diet approach to nutrition and fitness.

As a former disordered eater who struggled with orthorexic tendencies I learned it really doesn't matter what your weight, shape, or size is if you don't do the proper mindset coaching.

I am now on a mission to help other women create freedom and confidence in their lives so they can reach for the dreams tucked in their hearts and live a life of purpose.

I provide weekly lifestyle advice that you can implement immediately to start creating a healthier relationship with food, your body, and exercise.
I show you how to change your mindset so that your healthy lifestyle is actually working for you, not against you.

What listeners are saying:

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I love how motivating this is!!
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This episode on declutting was so timely!! I needed this reminder that we CAN override our negative habits to create systems that become second nature. Thank you so much for sharing this!! Can't wait to check out more.
Food for thought
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Alisha is definitely making me think about my relationship with food without condemnation. I especially like the episode on sleep! The sleep hygiene concept is pretty cool. Great content Alisha!!
Always inspired and challenged!
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I so appreciate Alisha and the way she talks about real life and is vulnerable with her own challenges along the way. She's always been one to articulates so well and I always come away with a new perspective! One of my favs 💙
Keep sharing your heart!
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Thank you for creating a safe space for women to heal from the pain of habitual dieting and body shaming.
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In a world where everyone wants to only show their best, Alisha is a breathe of fresh air to breathe reality and get really really real while sharing her personal experience and struggles she's leading people back on the correct road to a more confident you. Inside out! Mindset first!