Nutrition has got to be by far one of the most difficult aspects of creating a healthy and balanced life.

There are so many different diets and approaches. And since we are all different and have different goals/needs there isn’t a one size fits all approach to nutrition.

I’ve been down the diet road, and let me tell you, that was painful. I was miserable from trying to keep with it 100%.

Restriction rarely works as a long term solution. Nor do things that don’t teach us how to eat.

If you don’t know the how, the what almost doesn’t matter.



You’re the expert when it comes to your nutrition. Your body intuitively knows what it needs, when, and how much. However, the busyness of daily life and all of the noise from the health, fitness, and diet industry has gotten so loud it’s hard to tune into what we actually need.

Get in back in touch with your body through nutrition. Make decisions that support your health and enable you to live the beautiful life you were created for.


The bulk of your diet should come from whole, unprocessed foods. This of course doesn’t mean there isn’t room for all foods in your diet. Moderation is key when it comes to creating a stress-free relationship with food.


Mindful eating

Learn to listen to what your body is actually craving. Eat when you’re hungry, stop before you’re full. Eat slowly. Most importantly eat what nourishes you mind, body, + soul.

How you Eat

Do you feel stressed when you sit down to eat? Always rushing from one meal to the next? Do you find yourself snacking mindlessly or eating to soothe your emotions? Get in touch with your thoughts and feelings about food, and truly find food freedom.


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I wake up feeling rested, have energy throughout the day, and when I start to feel “hungry or low” I have a snack ready that will fuel me to keep going.

One of my main concerns was if it would be family friendly.  I can now answer YES.  I have not felt singled out at meals.  My son and I are having conversations about what I am cooking for all of us and what health benefits the meal has.  The kids are helping me cook and we are making our lunches together each night.  They are even getting in on some of the work outs.

Thanks so much for providing the information and opportunity for all of us to form healthy habits!

Sarah H.

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