Nutrition has got to be by far one of the most difficult aspects of creating a healthy and balanced life. There is after all so many different diets and approaches. And since we are all different and have different goals/ needs we can’t assume that what works for one person will work for us all. I’ve been down the diet road, and let me tell you, that was painful. I was miserable from trying to keep with it 100%. I think it was the comply or die mentality that led to so many failed attempts at sustainable weight loss. Restriction rarely works as a long term solution. Nor do things that don’t teach us how to eat. If you don’t know the how, the what almost doesn’t matter.


I subscribe to a very few set of ‘food rules’ or ‘food beliefs’. They mostly stem from clean eating, and have evolved to include a few others as I’ve gone along.


  1. focus on whole foods
  2. Listen to your body
  3. Focus on portion sizes


I don’t believe in foods that are ‘no’ foods or that are completely off limits. I want YOU to create the system that works for you and your family in the long term, and that aligns with your intentions. I am big on flexible and intuitive eating as well. As long as a majority of your food is coming from a whole food source, the occasional splurge isn’t going to completely derail your progress. As a mom I also know the importance of creating healthy meals that your family WILL actually eat. There are always ways to ‘clean up’ traditional recipes, it just might take a little creativity and exploration. If that is not your thing, don’t worry! I’ve got your back. Be sure to check my blog or shoot me an email if you’ve got a question.


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