Nutrition has got to be by far one of the most difficult aspects of creating a healthy and balanced life. There are so many different diets and approaches. And since we are all different and have different goals/needs there isn’t a one size fits all approach to nutrition. I’ve been down the diet road, and let me tell you, that was painful. I was miserable from trying to keep with it 100%. Restriction rarely works as a long term solution. Nor do things that don’t teach us how to eat. If you don’t know the how, the what almost doesn’t matter.



I subscribe to a very few set of ‘food rules’ or ‘food beliefs’. They mostly stem from clean eating, and have evolved to include a few others as I’ve gone along.


The bulk of your diet should come from whole, unprocessed foods. This is the best way to make sure you are getting the nutrients your body needs without overdoing it on the things it doesn’t.


Mindful eating

Eat when you’re hungry, stop before you’re full.


Knowing how much to eat is almost as important as knowing what to eat. Keeping your portion sizes in check and in alignment with your goals is one of the most efficient tools you can have in your health + fitness arsenal.


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Power smoothies

Summer seems to be in full swing here with hot days and balmy nights. In the summer time my appetite seems to go way down and very few things actually sound good to me. Some of my staples include: coffee on ice (of course 😉 ) , big ol' salads, chips, salsa &...

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