Cultivate a healthy relationship

with food + your body in 2020 

inside The Mindful Eating Project


The Mindful Eating Project

Wouldn’t it be great if dieting were a thing of the past?

Feeling anxious, stressed, and overwhelmed around food is normal, but it doesn’t have to be.

Inside The Mindful Eating Project you will learn how to…

+ Eat in a way that honors and blesses your body so that you can do the things on your to-do list with more energy.

+ Tune into your body, and know exactly what kind of food it needs and how much so that you never have to question whether or not you’re eating ‘right’ again.

+ Change your behaviors around food so that you’re never left feeling out of control, stressed, or guilty again because of what you ate.

If you’re ready to finally be done with dieting once and for all, The Mindful Eating Project is the place to start.

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